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Breakfast at Eska

Breakfast at Eska

We wrote about Eska restaurant recently (you can read the article here). It is very popular restaurant inspired by Scandinavian approach to gastronomy and transforming old recipes and practices into the modern Czech cuisine.

It is not only great place for lunch or dinner but also for weekend long breakfasts or brunches. Besides sweet cakes or buns from their bakery, you can choose among other morning goodies such as egg omelets, boiled eggs, fried bread with scrambled eggs, red wheat porridge with fruit, or order one of their original breakfast menu.




Our favorite is “Eska breakfast menu” consisting of egg with red wheat, selection of homemade marmalades, cottage cheese cream, Czech bread with butter and sweet bun, together with fermented Tibi lemonade. If you like to get bigger warm meal, you can order something from their main course menu. For drinks, you can get traditional cocoa, tea, fermented lemonades and of course coffee (expresso based, AeroPress or drip).




Simply, mornings at Eska are very well spent. :-)