Czech Food


Czech Republic is not connected with chocolate production such as Switzerland and Belgium, however we have some chocolate producers that are noteworthy. We like to enjoy the taste of Jordi´s chocolates - a small chocolate manufactory that attempt to reborn the chocolate production of Czechoslovakia in interwar period. And they do not use only caw milk for production, but also sheep and goat milk (our favorite)! From the truffles we must mention the chocolate artist Lucie Glaister and her talent to mix unusual flavors (you can taste them e.g. at Sisters bistro). And while exploring Prague, do not miss Choco Café, a family chocolate factory that offers wide selection of hot chocolate drinks or chocolate bars (we love the one with smoked and salted almonds). 


If you are a strict follower of raw food or just like some change time to time – like us – you can not miss foodie creation of Míša - representing herself under the “brand” Missue


We have finally discovered really good musli bars which are NOT full of sugar – GABENS


Have you ever had „Talian“ sausage? You definitely should try! :-) This specialty has its origin at the end of 19th century when Italian butcher named Uggé started to produce this un-smoked - but cooked – sausage in Old Prague Town. People started to call the sausage “grass snake” or “Talian” - according to its “Italian” inventor. The second name has been preserved until these days. The sausage is very fine, made of both pork and beef meat with combination of spices. To try the best “talians” go to all Lokal restaurants (see the list).


We Czechs love sweet and the specialty of Czech cuisine is sweet warm dishes. Yes – instead of meat or pasta (or another “normal salty” dish), we love to eat full plate of fruit dumplings or buns with vanilla sauce (custard). :-)


Summer is back and the ice cream season is here. The Czechs love ice cream, but sincerely, comparing to other European countries to find a really good one it has been lately quite a problem. I must say that I personally did not eat ice cream too much. The reason was that there simply had not existed the ice cream that I really liked - except one that I slightly remember from my childhood. They sold it by Orlik Castle where we used to go for a trip with my family and it had creamy vanilla pudding taste. My good experience with ice cream was therefore limited on my visits abroad (I mean towards West). I still remember my first ice cream there – it was in Munich, Germany, I was 10 years old and I picked up a cherry flavor.  I was really surprised by two things – firstly by its taste (with real pieces of fruit!!!) and also by its size (not just extra mini scoop as back home). And I am not talking about my first meeting with the real pistachio ice cream in Italy (I was always afraid to try in Czech R. due to its very, but very green color). But back to present days. The situation with ice cream became much, much better, you can find places with really tasty and good quality ice cream. Here we go with tips for, according to our opinion, the best ice cream places in the city.


If you like to taste a real local production, buy some souvenirs for home or just enjoy the atmosphere of being among the locals, go to Farmářské tržiště Náplavka, farmer’s market that takes place every Saturday on the lower Vltava right riverbank, between Palackeho Bridge and the Railway Bridge under Vysehrad.