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GABENS musli bars

GABENS musli bars

We have finally discovered really good musli bars which are NOT full of sugar – GABENS

These juicy and tasty bars are full of oatmeal, nuts, apple puree, dried fruits and exotic spices such as vanilla, cinnamon or cocoa beans. They do not contain any additives, condensed milk, preservatives or sugar, but they are sweeten by agave syrup and enhanced by popular and heathy “superfoods” like acai, lucuma, chia seeds and baobab. They have everything you expect from heathy sweet tasty snack! You can choose from 5 different taste combinationsmango & coconut, banana & vanilla, apricot & cinnamon and 2x cranberries & cocoa (one higher in proteins). All are great! You can get them e.g. in Skizeno or Countrylife shops. If you like to learn more about bars and how everything started, visit Thumbs up!!! :-)