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Pekárna Praktika

Pekárna Praktika

Czech bread is quite unique – sourdough taste and bit wet crumb texture that is something that differs it from other breads all over the world. The core of really good Czech bread are “sourdough” that is fermented mixture of rye flour and water (1:1), good quality flour and time given to the bread to rest. 


Unfortunately, many producers aiming large production skip some steps and use low quality ingredients. That is why the bread that you can get at many supermarkets you can usually throw away the following day (good quality bread should keep its taste and texture for couple days). Fortunately, there are few little bakeries where quality wins over the quantity and offer great bread. One of them is our favorite Pekárna Praktika. This little bakery is located in Vinohrady and opens its door from Monday till Wednesday and on Saturday mornings. You can choose among spelt, rye, buckwheat and corn polenta breads. They use only Czech good quality organic flour that is ground on stone – method that keeps more nutrients and is better for digestion. The crumb of their breads is bit wetter and creamier then we are used to but much tastier.




Besides bread, you can get a cup of good coffee and sweet pastry (they have the best croissants in Prague) – that makes it also an ideal place to have breakfast. The bakery is quite popular, many people order bread via its online reservation system, so it might happen that they will be sold out if you get there in the late afternoon. 


Address: Bělehradská 66, Prague 2