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Eska restaurant

Eska restaurant

Eska is recently opened, but already very popular restaurant in Prague district Karlin. 

And Eska is exactly what Prague and the Czech gastronomy need - traditional local food and products transformed into a modern cuisine, using some of practices common in the time of our great-grandmothers.




In fact, Eska becomes restaurant in the evening, during the day it is rather bistro and bakery where you can enjoy a cup of coffee with piece of sweet cake. If you prefer salty snack, you can choose from a nice variety of sandwiches. Btw. they bake their own really good quality bread and you can buy a whole loaf home as well. Bistro / bakery is located downstairs as well as a large open kitchen, so while eating, you can watch the local hustle of chefs and cooks and all preparations.

Starting at 5.30 pm, you can run upstairs to the main restaurant room and enjoy great Ambiente service and especially – start tasting. Do not expect any fussy food creations, but rather simplicity which together with skills to combine unconventional (but available) flavors make all dishes very special. Everything we tasted was delicious, but fermented red wheat with mushrooms and poached egg was definitely the biggest surprise - a delicious taste that we really did not expect. Another favorite course was juniper ice cream with wild berries and rosemary.




So, if you're planning to visit Eska, these two dishes can not be missed. Portions are rather smaller, however you can try more different dishes at once. The Czech gastronomy has a long tradition which we can build on, so hopefully, we'll have more of these innovative restaurants that look for an inspiration in our history and contemporary international cuisine!


Address: Pernerova 49, Prague 8